About Us

We are the Nelsons:  Dave, Tarah, and Elliana (Ellie), and we live in Utah.  We feel SO very blessed in our lives, but something is still missing:  a piece of our hearts.  Which is why we hope you can help us find our child through adoption.  Feel free to look at our blog to get to know us better.

Halloween 2018

Bob Ross, his Happy Little Tree, his Happy Little Cloud, and his Painting.  We had SO MUCH FUN with our costumes this year!  We went to four different parties and enjoyed every minute of it!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Everyone!!!

Date Nights and Such

I took Dave on a date paint balling!  It was way fun to watch him get really into it, and for me to reminisce about my college days paint balling with my friends.  We also went on a dinner date to a comfort food place called CHUBBY'S (for a very good reason).  They have the best scones ever!  And lastly we had a movie night at our house.  Ellie gets so excited to pop kettle corn and turn out the lights :)

Grandma Spencer Visits

My "Idaho Mom" was into town to watch my nieces for the weekend, so naturally, we had to go playyyyyyy.  We went to "The Museum of Curiosity" together and we had a blast!  They have all kinds of things to climb on and play around with, that the kids just love it!  There is nothing better in this world than GRANDMAS!  And Ellie is so lucky to have 4 of them.  Afterwards we went to Olive Garden for lunch and it was delicious.  It was such a fun day!!

Clubhouse and Swings

We scored big time this weekend!  Dave's brother, Andrew gave us their "clubhouse" and swing set because their kids have grown out of it.  Ellie woke up from her nap and there it was!  She was so excited that we had to bribe her out of it just so we could go eat dinner.  She was so in-love with it that she'd keep checking out the back window every few minutes to make sure it was still there!  We are beyond blessed!  Thank you Andrew and Jessica!

Mimi Visits

My "Texas Mom" (Mimi) came into town and it was so magical to see her!  She is a flight attendant and has had a really hard time with her schedule lately, so it was soooooo good to finally get to see her again.  She totally gets down on Ellie's level and has such a amazing bond with her.  They laugh and laugh over nothing at all and it is so wonderful!  We love when Mimi comes!

Ellie's 3rd Birthday

Well, Ellie is 3 years old now!  Such a big girl!  We had a Little Mermaid themed birthday party and for the first time, had her friends and their families come over.  It was simple but so much fun.  My sister and her daughterAcelee also came, and we all had a really good time.  All of the kids in our neighborhood that are Ellie's age are all BOYS, so it was a wild party at some points!  Ha-ha, but we loved it.  We did a pull-string pinata, which was much safer than handing a bunch of 3 year old boys a bat!  And then did cake and presents and just socialized, while the kids played.  It was a great night :)